El Rancho Misterioso


El Rancho Misterioso Murder Mystery Novella


Woodlawn Theatre, in conjunction with Mamacitas, are serving up some tasty meals and zesty comedy with ‘El Rancho Misterioso’, an ALL-NEW murder mystery novella from the creative mind of Dave Cortez.

Pobre Maria has come to work as the newest maid at the residence of the De la Mazas, the wealthiest family in all of Mexico. The De La Mazas own the entire village of Real de Catorce and have gone through many a maid. Some have left, some have died, but none have stayed. What kind of curse haunts every maid that walks through the puertas of the De la Mazas.

Maria is determined to break the curse. But before she can limpiar her first mantle, Don Esteban De La Maza, the patriarch of the family, is found in his own home, muerto … dead. Was it his wife, Dona Marta De la Maza, an old woman with immense power? Could it have been their son, Alberto De La Maza, a rich guapo heir who can’t keep his shirt on…literally? Was the murderer the villain Don Pepito, rival cattle baron and twin brother of Don Esteban? Or Don Esteban’s mistress, Araceli, who hungers for dinero and fine clothes? And what about pobre Maria, is this sweet, innocent maid hiding any deep dark secretos? Join in as you, the audience, become residents of Real de Catorce and feel the love, feel the sorrow, feel the heat, feel the passion of El Rancho Misterioso.

Patrons arrive at the restaurant at 6:00PM to check in and receive table assignments. Appetizers are served and dinner orders taken at roughly 6:30PM after everyone has been seated. The show begins at 7:00PM. Dinner salads are served during the first act, and at intermission, dinner will be served.

Act 2 introduces the detective who begins the questioning. It’s up to you, the audience, to then decide who the murderer is and why they done it.Admission is just $39.95/person. Meal includes dinner salad, entree from their select menu, and non-alcoholic beverage. Price does not include sales tax or gratuity.
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